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Ventilation/Environment Control  

Opticlimate Pro 3 Series
AirSupplies Holland BV

The OptiClimate Pro 3 Series water-cooled air conditioner is the only true total solution for indoor climate control. It cools, heats, dehumidifies, filters and circulates air.
It was developed independently, resulting in a fully optimised & efficient product that controls the indoor climate perfectly while using as little energy as possible.
The OptiClimate cools the air using water as coolant and heats it by means of ceramic heaters.

Most complete stand alone climate system!

Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering air with a single appliance

Water cooled, you don’t need external chillers

Fully automatic because of the light sensor; set temperatures and ready to go!

Built-in temperature and water leakage safety switch

15000 Pro3  £ 4,208.34
10000 Pro3  £ 3,625.00
6000   Pro3   £ 2,916.66
3500   Pro3  £ 2,416.67
Opticlimate/Dimlux here...



Watch the video below, or find out more here..

Find the full Opticlimate Range here...

Opticlimate/Dimlux Range    
Opticlimate Maxi Controller
The Maxi Controller can adjust the output according to the ambient temperature: the lamps are dimmed automatically when the temperature exceeds a maximum pre-defined level.
Using the DimLux with a Maxi Controller enables you to plug the DimLux directly into a wall socket without needing an intervening relay, time delay unit or time switch – which saves you costs.
A DimLux controlled by a Maxi Controller is the only (digital) ballast that does not need to use an inrush current. Inrush currents of conventional (digital)ballasts vary between 50 and 160 Amp, while newer types of digital ballasts use soft-start technology that limits the inrush current to between 50 and 60 Amp – which is still an appreciable current, especially when multiplied by the number of (digital) ballasts incorporated in the circuit.
 £246.99 MaxiController
Co2 controller (Opticlimate Maxi Controller with Co2 sensor)  £705.99 CO2Controller
Co2 Sensor for Opticlimate Maxi Controller  £465.99 CO2Sensor
Plant Temperature Camera for Opticlimate Maxi Controller
An OptiClimate canopy temperature camera can be connected to the system to monitor evaporation from the crop: an excessive canopy temperature is indicative of problems with the plants’ evaporation capacity (for example, due too little water or excessive light). If the canopy temperature rises to an excessive level then the DimLux ballasts are dimmed or switched off until the temperature falls to an acceptable level: failure to lower an excessive canopy temperature would result in the plants reducing their evaporation capacity by closing the stomata, which would in turn shut down the assimilation of CO2 and photosynthesis – and halt growth. A prolonged shutdown will ultimately result in scorched foliage and cause irreparable damage to the plant’s ‘engine’ (the foliage). The canopy temperature is of greater importance to plants than the ambient temperature!
 £185.00 PlantCamera
Dimlux 600 watt ballast (240 volt with manual dim option)
The DimLux can be used as a standard (digital) ballast in a standard system with a relay and time switch.

However, using the DimLux in combination with the OptiClimate Maxi Controller will do full justice to the DimLux’ maximum performance and many options.

£152.99 Dimlux600Ballast
Temperature Sensor for Dimlux Maxi Controller
A Maxi Controller equipped with all the necessary sensors (other than the CO2 sensor) (canopy temperature, ambient temperature and relative humidity sensors) can be used to calculate the vapour pressure deficit: the vapour pressure deficit is a measure of the plants’ maximum evaporation capacity (the potential water demand)
An optional CO2 sensor can be connected to the Maxi Controller to control the dosage of CO2.
All sensors available for the Maxi Controller are precision sensors with a high sensitivity.
Greenhouse technology is now accessible to smaller horticultural enterprises!
£27.99 Dimlux_temperature_sensor

Humidity (RH) Sensor for Dimlux Maxi Controller

All sensors available for the Maxi Controller are precision sensors with a high sensitivity.

£27.99 Dimlux_Humidity_Sensor_RH
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Environmental Control  

HR-15 Humidification Unit

The HR-15 Cool Mist Humidifier produces a fine mist of water vapour that increases humidity levels inside the Greenhouse or the Grow Room/Tent.

The HR-15 unit uses centrifugal Humidification as oppsed to the more unreliable ultrasonic Humidification units.
It has an external humidistat that allows you to set the desired humidity level giving you control of this important enviromental factor.

Humidification levels Guide
70-80% Propogation
60-70% Vegatation/Growth
30-50% Flowering/Bloom

-Gives control over humidity levels
-Improves plant growth and development
-Connects to any water reservoir
-The unit is capable of covering an area of 15-30m2
-Humidification capacity:1500cc/hour (1.5ltr/hour)
-Power consumption:90watts
-Dimensions:310mm x 310mm x 470mm (L x W x H)


HR-15 £240.00


Faran Analogue humidistat HR-EHSA
HR-EHSA £65.00

Faran Digi humidistat HR-DHTC

HR-DTC £125.00
HR-15 Humidifier and Faran analogue humidistat
HR-15 Humidifier Analogue £290.00
HR-15 Analogue Humidification kit
HR-15 Analogue Kit £315.00
HR-15 Humidifier and Faran digital humidistat
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Controllers & Sensors  

Digital Fan Speed Controller
The Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller monitors temperature and humidity within the grow room and constantly adjusts the speed of the extraction/intake fans to maintain optimal conditions for plant growth. The unit also controls a grow room heater and is compatible with the Ecotchnics Evolution C02 controller.
This controller can control multiple fans through each channel up to a load of 6A (per channel).

- Live display of temperature/humidity
- Advanced control algorithm - Max fan speed control
- Idle fan speed control
- 12 amp total fan load
- Temperature control
- Humidity control
- Temp/humidity sensor (5m cable)
- Heater control (3Kw)
- Interface to Evolution CO2 Controller
- Fully Programmable
- Microprocessor controlled
- Full 1 year warranty

The unit is supplied with compehensive instructions.

  Fan Speed Controller £150.00
Evolution Fan speed Controller
The Evolution is a more expensive unit than some other options but has superior features and technology so the extra outlay is easily justified for those wishing to have maximum control over their enviromental variables.
Evolution Carbon Dioxide Controller

The Evolution CO2 Controller monitors CO2 Levels within the grow room and constantly adjusts the amount of C02 to maintain ideal conditions for optimal plant growth. This unit is also compatible with the Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller

The Evolution controller utilizes the latest microprocessor and infra-red technology to monitor & control the levels of carbon dioxide in your growing area.The controller can operate with or with the optional Evolution Solid State NDIR CO2 sensor, this controller can also be used with either bottled CO2 gas or with a propane or natural gas burning CO2 generator, in addition to this the Evolution controller can be interfaced to most external thermo / hygrostats for Improved environmental control.

• Can be used with or without Evolution CO2 Analyser
• Intelligent Multi Stage CO2 dosing
• Fan Control- Bottled CO2 or Propane CO2 Generator
• Expandable system- Day Light/Night sensor
• Fully Programmable
• Multi-Language support (English, French, German and Spanish language options)
• Microprocessor controlled
• Can be used with or without Analyser- Latest Solid State NDIR sensor option
• Full 1 year warranty


  Carbon Dioxide Controller £240.00


Carbon Dioxide Controller
The Evolution NDIR CO2 Sensor
The new solid state evolution CO2 sensor from Ecotechnics Represents the latest state of the art sensor technology utilizing advanced solid state Indium Antimonide LED’s and detectors with Precision engineered, gold plated optics to provide high accuracy fast response real time CO2 sensing from 0-10,000ppm. The Evolution NDIR CO2 Sensor Evolution Carbon Dioxide Analyser The Evolution CO2 Analyser utilizes non dispersive Infra-Red sensing technology for fast accurate CO2 monitoring. Combined with exquisite design and ground breaking low price the sensor is highly accurate and less than half the price of similar products on the market and making available the ultimate control system to the average grower.
• User friendly CO2 Analyser that’s very accurate and very reliable.
• The CO2 Analyser is simple to set up and use
• Full 1 year warranty Carbon Dioxide:

The ambient level of CO2 in air is 300-400ppm, fast growing plants in your growroom or glasshouse can use all the available CO2 in less than an hour slowing photosynthesis and therefore growth to a virtual halt.Therefore Carbon Dioxide is one of the most important factors in an indoor growroom or glass house.

  NDIR CO2 Sensor £265.00
NIDR CO2 Sensor
Unis CO2 Controller
User friendly CO2 Controller that’s well priced and very reliable. Really simple to set up and use, you simply dial in the grow room size on your Unis Controller, connect up the regulator to your gas bottle.
The Unis CO2 Controller has been designed with the latest state of the art microprocessor technology which allows 16 individual settings for room size. There is no requirement to alter the flow rate of the gas regulator which is factory pre-set to match the controller making set up and use extremely simple..The Unis controller has provided growers with a competitively priced, easy to set up and very reliable means of enhancing CO2 levels.
The Ecotechnics Unis CO2 Controller has been specifically designed to allow easy CO2 enrichment for home grow room and glass house horticulture, our unique approach to Gas Regulator design makes this the simplest system to set up in the world.
Just calculate the volume of your growing area in cubic meters and dial it into the Unis Controller its that simple, no more complex calculations about gas flow rate, pressure, on period / off period timing just one setting. The latest version of the Unis CO2 Controller is microprocessor based and has 16 settings from 1 Cubic Meter to 100 Cubic Meters. In use the Unis Controller is very simple and will provide years of trouble free service.

• Easy to use
• Long-term reliability
• 16 settings
• One simple calculation - your room size • No need to adjust
• Low cost
• Gas remaining gauge
• Full 1 year warranty


  Unis CO2 Controller £95.00


Unis CO2 Controller
Ecotechnics Carbon Dioxide Regulator
This is the perfect Bottled Gas Regulator for use with the Evolution CO2 Controller, we have this regulator produced for us in the UK from top quality components it has a fixed flow rate of 17 Litres per Minute and is our standard horticultural regulator. User friendly CO2 Regulator that’s well priced and very reliable. Simple to set up and use

Compatible with the Unis CO2 Controller and the Evolution CO2 Controller

• Full 1 year warranty.


  Unis CO2 Controller £95.00

Exhale CO2 Cultivator
ExHale cultivates CO2 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive CO2 production units.
The ExHale Cultivator is designed for small to medium grow spaces , or more specifically 1 ExHale Cultivator will provide 4-6 plants with the CO2 they need.
ExHale can be used for both vegetative plant growth as well as for fruit and flower production. Find out more here...

ExHale®-Homegrown CO2 is a revolution in indoor CO2 production systems.

Maintenance Free!!
No Heat!!
No Electricity!!
Just CO2!!

  ExHale CO2 £37.50
Complete Kits    
Ecotechnics Evolution
C02 Complete Kit

This complete CO2 controller and regulation system is one of the best on the market; it consists of the Evolution carbon dioxide controller, the Evolution N.D.I.R. CO2 controller with an Ecotechnics CO2 Regulator
  Complete CO2 Kit £585.00
Evolution Complete CO2 Kit
Ecotechnics Unis
C02 Controller Complete kit

User friendly CO2 Controller that’s well priced and very reliable.The Unis CO2 Controller is really simple to set up and use, you simply dial in the grow room size on your Unis Controller, connect up the regulator to your gas bottle.
  CO2 Controller Kit £160.00
Unis Complete CO2 Controller Kit

. It'll eliminate all unwanted smells by producing elevated levels of ozone.

Replacement Ceramic Plates are available.




Fans for hydroponics  

Ruck Fans
RKW (Temp controlled fans)

A high powered extractor fan that will thermostatically regulate their speed. A very high tech piece of kit.
4” (175m3/h) £65.00
5” (225m3/h) £68.00
6” A1 (420m3/h) £80.00
6” L1 (680m3/h) £90.00
8” A1 (750m3/h £92.00
8” L1 (950m3/h) £110.00
10” A1 (780m3/h) £100.00
10” L1 (1000m3/h) £120.00
12” A1 (1300m3/h) £160.00
12” L1 (1800m3/h) £185.00

Ruck Fans

A completely new developed fan series with a lot of aerodynamic features applied for the first time in the ventilator industry, making this fan extremely quiet.
250 (10") Airflow 1800m3/hr £220.00
315 (12") Airflow 3490m3/hr
ETA Line Fans
(fully insulated acoustic fans)

Insulated to minimise noise pollution with a high quality metal casing that features a removable top plate for easy accessibility to fan section and mounting fixtures on the base to enable the unit to be fixed to a wall or ceiling. Sound insulated boxed fan 100 % Speed controllable.
150E (6") Airflow 380m3/hr £180.00
200E (8") Airflow 675m3/hr
250E (10") Airflow 1085m3/hr £260.00
315E (12") Airflow 1750m3hr £370.00
HVK Fans
Hydroponic Fans
(4")100 A1 Fan 175m3/hr £65.00
(5")125 A1 Fan 225m3/hr
(5")125 L1 Fan 290m3/hr £80.00
(6")150 A1 Fan 420m3/hr £80.00
(6")150 L1 Fan 680m3/hr £96.00
(8")200 A1 Fan 750m3/hr £100.00
(8")200 L1 Fan 950m3/hr £110.00
(10")250 A1 Fan 780m3/hr £100.00
(10")250 L1 Fan 1020m3/hr £120.00
(12")315 A1 Fan 1300m3/hr £160.00
(12")315 L1 Fan 1800m3/hr £200.00
HVK Fans
Futuretech AirForce 2 Acoustic Tube Fans

The new Air Force II Acoustic Fans incorporate high-quality, high-air movement Etaline fan motors that are sealed into acoustic cases.

They can move very large amounts of air quietly and are much better at pulling air through carbon filters than standard fans.

As well as being surprisingly lightweight for fans of this size and quality, the Air Force II's also use low-energy motors so they don't require as much electricity but still maintain high levels of torque to handle carbon filters.

All Air Force II Acoustic Fans come with a pre-fitted cable.

6" - Length : 600mm, Diameter = 150mm, 
Air Flow = 430m3/h (includes a 3 speed controller)
8" - Length : 600mm, Diameter = 200mm, 
Air Flow = 900m3/h (includes a 3 speed controller)
10" - Length : 680mm, Diameter = 250mm, 
Air Flow = 1500m3/h
10" - Length : 680mm, Diameter = 250mm, 
Air Flow = 2400m3/h
12" - Length : 680mm, Diameter = 315mm, 
Air Flow = 2400m3/h
12" - Length : 680mm, Diameter = 315mm, 
Air Flow = 3300m3/h

Soler and Palau TD-Silent Acoustic in-line mixed flow fan

Low profile “Mixed-flow” fans with sound-absorbent insulation. Extremely quiet.

Manufactured in plastic material with a specifically designed internal skin to direct the sound waves in the right angle for them to be captured by the sound-absorbent material. Fitted with rubber gaskets on the inlet and outlet to absorb vibrations, a body that can be dismantled.


The low profile of the TD-SILENT fans makes them most effective solution where the space of installation is limited such as GROW TENTS.

Connection box can be rotated 360º, to facilitate easy connection of the power cable.

4" - 250m3/h Air flow £150.00
5" - 350m3/h Air flow £164.00
6" - 500m3/h Air flow £215.00
8" - 800m3/h Air flow £295.00
8" - 1000m3/h Air flow £405.00
Primair Twin Fan Speed Controller
This UK made fan controller is excellent value for money and will control all fan sizes. Features remote thermostat and temperature setting as well as twin fan speed controllers. A must for all grow rooms.
Twin Fan Speed Controller £100.00
PrimAir Twin Fans

'Fresh' Filters

  4"(100 mm) 175m3/hr £28.00
5"(125mm) 350m3/hr
  6"L1(150mm)480m3/hr £57.00
  6"A1(150mm)760m3/hr £78.00
  8"A1(200mm)760m3/hr £88.00
  10"L1(250mm)1080m3/hr £108.00
  12"A1(315mm)1300m3/hr £170.00
  12"L1(315mm)2400m3/hr £190.00


 Fresh Filters

Rhino Carbon Filters
  4” (100x300) 350m3/h £41.00
5” (125x300) 500m3/h
  6” (150x300) 600m3/h £81.00
  6” (150x600) 900m3/h £113.00
  8” (200x400) 800m3/h £85.00
  8” (200x600) 1125m3/h £135.00
  10” (250x600) 1420m3/h £148.00
  10” (250x1000) 1900m3/h £182.00
  12” (315x600) 2440m3/h £163.00
  12” (315x1000) 3250m3/h £198.00
  12” (315x1200) 3600m3/h £213.00
Rhino Carbon Filters
'Mountain Air' Carbon Filters
100/400 (4") 240m3/hr (A1) £80.00
125/500 (5") 295m3/hr (A1)
150/500 (6") 580m3/hr (A1) £110.00
150/1000 (6") 1130m3/hr (L1) £165.00
200/1000 (8") 1610m3/hr (A1) £190.00
250/750 (10") 1420m3/hr (L1) £200.00
315/750 (12") 1660m3/hr (A1) £225.00
315/1000 (12") 2300m3/hr (L1) £260.00
Mountain Air Carbon Filters
Complete Fresh Air Kit
4"(100 mm) £92.00
6"L1(150mm) £165.00
6"A1(150mm) £128.00
8"A1(200mm) £185.00
10"A1(250mm) £215.00
12"A1(315mm) £340.00
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Fan/Enviromental Controllers  

Single fan controller without thermostat 6.5 amp
Single f/c w/o 6.5 amp £42.00

SMS Fan Controller

Single fan controller with thermostat
5 amp
Single f/c with thermostat 5 amp £72.00
Twin controllers
All new type of fan controller that is software controlled and not mechanical like other models. What this means is that the Twin controller is able to control fan speeds much more accuratetlely and vary the speed anywhere between the minimum speed setting and 100% as opposed to other models that usually have 7 to 10 preset speeds that the fans can operate at.
Read more..
Twin controller 4.5 amp £100.00
Twin controller 7 amp £168.00
Twin controller 14 amp £220.00
SMS Twin Controllers
SPC twin controllers

The SPC fan speed controller manufactured by SMSCOM is one of the most advanced fan controllers on the hydroponic market. The unit comes wired and ready to use, simply plug in your extraction fan and/or intake fan and you can set your desired temperature and the minimum and maximum speeds of your fans. An external temperature probe on 6 feet of wire controls the unit.
SPC twin controller 7 amp £194.00
SPC twin controller 14 amp £280.00
SMS 14amp Fan Contoller
SPC twin controller 28 amp £375.00
SMS 28amp Fan Controller

The Twincontroller requires 5 minutes to scan a room and make an evaluation for the gradual increase or decrease of your fans. In the course of a cycle it will automatically find the exact speed to set your fans at to best maintain the temperature set on the unit. This new technique ensures a more even temperature flow and a steadier operation of your fans. It is also worth noting that the SMSCOM Twin controller requires no wiring up as all fans plug straight in and the unit is easily wall mountable.

Replacement temperature sensor 5 mtr £22.00


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'Fresh' Ducting

4" (100mm)
5" (125mm)
6" (150mm)
8" (200mm)
10" (250mm)
12" (315mm)


 Fresh Ducting

'Fresh' Acoustic Ducting
102mm x 5mtr plus 2 clamps (4")
127mm x 5mtr plus 2 clamps (5")
152mm x 5mtr plus 2 clamps (6")
203mm x 5mtr plus 2 clamps (8")
254mm x 5mtr plus 2 clamps (10")
315mm x 5mtr plus 2 clamps (12")
Fresh Acoustic Ducting
Combi Ducting
    5 Mtr 10 Mtr
4" (100mm)
£9.00 £16.00
5" (125mm)
£13.00 £21.00
6" (150mm)
£14.50 £26.00
8" (200mm)
£17.00 £31.00
10" (250mm)
£21.00 £39.00
12" (315mm)
£27.00 £49.00
Complete Fresh Air Kit
4"(100 mm) £92.00
6"L1(150mm) £165.00
6"A1(150mm) £128.00
8"A1(200mm) £185.00
10"A1(250mm) £215.00
12"A1(315mm) £340.00

Ventilation Accessories  
Silencers 'Flexible'
Flexible Silencers which are robust and ideal for small growrooms

DEC Flexible Silencers! These great silencers assist in reducing the noise levels when using any fan. All silencers are 1 metre in length and flexible so they can be bent around 90 degrees to fit into the corner of growrooms or tents. Note: The longer the silencer the better the noise dampening, that is why HydroStation only sell 1 metre long silencers!

Silencer 100mm (4") Flex
Silencer 125mm (5") Flex
Silencer 150mm (6") Flex
Silencer 200mm (8") Flex
Silencer 250mm (10") Flex
Silencer 315mm (12") Flex



Carbon Filter Stand
Carbon Filter Stands are excellent for supporting large carbon filters, great where hanging may be an issue. Fully adjustable, the stand can also be altered in height and angle for those tight spaces.
Carbon Filter Stand
Carbon Filter Stand
Quick Release Clamps
QRC (jubilee clip) 2"-6"
QRC(jubilee clip) 2"-8"
QRC (jubilee clip) 2"-12.5"
Quick Release Clamp
Deluxe Clamps
Deluxe Clamp
125mm - 100mm
150mm - 125mm
160mm - 150mm
160mm - 125mm
160mm - 150mm £10.00
160mm - 125mm £11.00
200mm - 160mm £16.00
250mm - 200mm £20.00
315mm - 250mm £20.00
315mm - 300mm
Duct Foil/Tape
Cloth Ducting tape
Metallic Ducting tape
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Tee Pipe

4" (100mm)
5" (125mm)
6" (150mm)
8" (200mm)
10" (250mm)
12" (315mm)


 Tee Pipe


'Y' Pipe

4" (100mm)
5" (125mm)
6" (150mm)
8" (200mm)
10" (250mm)
12" (315mm)
Y Pipe


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