More about Renovado (1mtr) 1000 WATT & the Renovado (55cm) 250-600 WATT

The RENOVADO® A range of reflectors are manufactured from the unique multi-layered, specular material referred to as Miro®.

1000 WATT £140.00
250 - 600 WATT £100.00

Miro® is fabricated by a proprietary process which applies highly reflective and reflectivity enhancing coatings to pretreated aluminium coil.  This results in a surface with a luminous reflectivity greater than or equal to 95%. The highly efficient luminous qualities of Miro®, for the visible spectrum of light, similarly apply to the infra-red or heat generated wavelengths further enhancing plant production. The relatively “cool to touch” surface of the illuminated RENOVADO® A further confirms the above and offers the additional benefit of reduced accidental burns.

The complex and unique geometry of the RENOVADO® A reflector system has been formulated by the latest CAD techniques to give an enhanced light spread and minimal hotspots. Other features include strengthened wrap-over sections along the edges of the reflector components to help maintain critical reflector angles and yet with a surprisingly low overall weight. A protective acrylic silver lacquer on the reverse of the working surface offers additional scratch / environmental protection whilst also enhancing the appearance of the reflector system.

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