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OptiClimate Pro 2 Series
AirSupplies Holland BV

Is an innovative, pioneering company which develops high-grade horticultural products in-house. Their goal is to develop products that achieve the best performance in every field.

15000 Pro2  £ 4,208.34
10000 Pro2   £ 3,625.00
6000   Pro2   £ 2,916.66
3500   Pro2   £ 2,416.67

We achieve this goal by making use of advanced technical methods. Our products enable you to maintain the optimum climate you need for maximum yields.

The OptiClimate Pro 2 Series water-cooled air conditioner is the only true total solution for indoor climate control. It cools, heats, dehumidifies, filters and circulates air. It was developed independently, resulting in a fully optimised & efficient product that controls the indoor climate perfectly while using as little energy as possible.

Most complete stand alone climate system!

Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering air with a single appliance

Water cooled, you don’t need external chillers

Fully automatic because of the light sensor;
set temperatures and ready to go!

Built-in temperature and water leakage safety switch

The OptClimate is a climate control system that was developed independently, resulting in a fully optimised and efficient product, which can be used to control the indoor climate perfectly while using as little energy as possible.
The OptiClimate cools the air using water as coolant and heats it by means of ceramic heaters. The OptiClimate has a water inlet and outlet, and the inlet is connected to the cold water supply. While the cold water is used to cool the air, it is heated to 35-50 °C. It is then discharged to the sewers through the water outlet, with an optional pipe branching off to supply a feeder tank.

The included remote is also a controller which allows all the processes to run fully automatically and be monitored at the same time. Once the minimum temperature (night) and maximum temperature (day) have been set using the remote, the OptiClimate will either heat or cool, depending on the night or day setting, ensuring the preset temperatures will not be exceeded. The night or day setting is controlled by a light sensor. On the day setting (cooling), the Opticlimate also dehumidifies. If required, using the included humidistat, the Opticlimate can also dehumidify when it is on the night setting, thus lowering the humidity. Why a water-cooled

Perfect climate control in summer and winter; you no longer have to depend on the temperature outside. The result: ideal temperatures, even during a heat wave. Since water is used for cooling instead of air, you will use less energy (more efficient), and you will no longer need an outside unit. You will also achieve the best possible air distribution across the room, which results in an even temperature. The growing results each cycle will not only be excellent; they will also be consistent. he temperatures can be exactly adjusted to your wishes and will be continuously maintained. Due to the use of water as cooling medium, it is not necessary to draw in large amounts of air and discharge the heated air. Since the space being used is almost closed off completely, it is less likely that mould, bacteria or dust will enter the space through the inlet. You don’t need (repulsive) external chillers anymore!

Where other climate control systems stop,
the Opticlimate PRO 2 series goes on …

Due to the continuous development and use of high-quality components, the Opticlimate is the most efficient and powerful climate control system available. Fully automatic because of the light sensor; set temperatures and ready to go! The Opticlimate is remarkably silent. Throughout the years, improvements regarding vibration and acoustic insulation have been implemented, resulting in a system that is impressively quiet. The Opticlimate has an in-built ceramic heater, which means you no longer have to use separate heaters. Ceramic heating is the safest and most reliable type of electric heating. The Opticlimate can heat and dehumidify during the night. Other systems can only cool and dehumidify during the day. Thanks to the fact that the system is water cooled, and the builtin light-weight carbon filter, large extractor and carbon filters are no longer required. A carbon filter with a small extractor will suffice. Thanks to the removable light-weight dust and carbon filter, the internal components will remain dust free, and the concentration of odours in the room will be lowered. The carbon filter will also filter any mould spores. These filters also contribute to the quietness of the unit, since the wind noise is absorbed by the filters. The Opticlimate has an adjustable cooling capacity of 70 to 110%. It is therefore possible to realise an optimum cooling performance. The Opticlimate also has a manometer that displays the pressure of the cooling system. Growing with CO2 is easy, effective and affordable!When growing with CO2 has never been so easy and effective as with the Opticlimate CO2 Controller. When growing with CO2 most systems immediately extract the CO2 immediately. In combination with the Opticlimate, little air is extracted, which means only a small, included CO2 generator with a low gas consumption is required. Almost all CO2 is used by the plants, thus realising high, constistant CO2 values. The heated CO2 is immediately cooled by the Opticlimate, and circulated around the room. This realises a homogenous distribution and a constant value of CO2.

The Opticlimate is the safest system!

An in-built temperature safety switch ensures that lamps are switched off if the set maximum temperature is exceeded, for instance when the water supply is obstructed. Without this switch, an event like this could cause a fire.
If the water hits the water sensor, the built-in water leakage safety switch will shut off the water supply. This may occur, in the event of a burst pipe, broken link or connection, or a blocked sewer.
The Opticlimate is fire safe because all electrical components, including the heating and the connections, are fitted inside a steel casing.
The Opticlimate has an alarm output that can be used to send an SMS alert in case of faults.

The Opticlimate’s unique functions:

Dual room operation: with this function a single Opticlimate can be used to cool two rooms at the same time, using the included 3-way valve and an extra temperature sensor. The Opticlimate will check the day room and the night room simultaneously. Thanks to this function, a technical area with two large extractors and fan controllers are no longer required.
Pre-Heat: this function preheats the room when changing over from night to day. This prevents condensation on the crop, thus also preventing mould and increasing photosynthesis during the start.
Slow Cooldown: this function ensures the temperature does not decrease too rapidly once the lamps have been switched off. This prevents guttation and thus prevents mould.
Cool at night: this function ensures that the room can be cooled down during the night, for instance in summer.
Alarm log function: this function can be used to view any alerts, so any further issues can be avoided. The Opticlimate comes with a remote with a large, clear, easily legible display on which the functions and settings are clearly laid out. With the remote, you will always have an up-to-date overview of the current status (day or night setting, cooling or heating) and any alerts (see also alarm log function).

1+1=3+ System

By using 2 OptiClimates and 2 rooms you can improve results even further. By placing 2 ventilators between the rooms, the day room will heat the night room, and the night room will cool the day room. In this set-up, the heating of the Opticlimate will not be necessary and will remain switched off. This set-up also means the Opticlimate can cool a minimum of 24 lamps for 16 lamps. With this simple set-up, you will be able to realise a higher cooling capacity using as little power as possible.

Opticlimate Specifications
Phase Consumption Capacity Coolin Capacity Number of lamps Water Consumption* Heating Size Weight
600 W 400W
3500pro 2 230V 1 740W 3.5 kW 6 9 1-2 L/min 2x1300W 100x50x42 57 KG
6000pro 2 230V 1 or 3 1450 W 6 kW 10 154 2-4 L/min 3x1300W 115x53x43 73 KG
10000pro 2 230V 1 or 3 2150W 10 kW 16 24 3-6 L/min 3x1300W 115x56x50 92 KG
15000pro 2 400V 3 3100W 15 kW 24 35 5-9 L/min 3x2000W 121x70x54 123 KG
* Water consumption during cooling. Consumption depends on supply water temperature and is based on Dutch climate.
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