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Odour Control    
Ozone Generators  

Hydrozone Ozone Generator

Generally, you use a Carbon Filter with your Extractor Fan to remove bad odours. However, certain types of odours may still linger. When this happens, you can also use this HydrOzone Ozone Generator

  Ozone Generator £190.00
Ozone Generator

. It'll eliminate all unwanted smells by producing elevated levels of ozone.

Replacement Ceramic Plates are available.

  Ceramic Plate (Hydrozone use only)
  Hydrozone - Ceramic Plate
  Ceramic Plate £15.00




Eco Badge Monitor Test Card  

Eco Badge Monitor Test Card
The test card can be tacked to one of your plants or laid flat on a surface or used anywhere you desire to take an ozone reading.

  Monitor Test Card £13.00
Eco Badge Monitor Test Card




Air Freshener  

Air Freshener Orangemate
This totally unique product is the easiest and most natural way to quickly and safely remove odours.

"The hand held way to remove odours".

  Small 3.5fl.oz £4.99
  Large 7.0fl.oz £8.99
Orangemate Air Freshener

Great for car, home and office. Long lasting and great smelling. 70 pieces of fruit go into a 7 oz can.

  Air Freshener Lemonmate
  Lemonmate Air Freshener
  Small 3.5fl.oz £4.99
  Large 7.0fl.oz £8.99
  Air Freshener Limemate
  Limemate Air Freshener
  Small 3.5fl.oz £4.99
  Large 7.0fl.oz £8.99



Aroma Diffuser (2 Speed Round Unit)
The two speed air purifier features multistage air cleaning and exclusive adjustable odour control. Only Vaportek's Air Purifiers use Vaportek's patented odour control membrane system.
The multistage filter includes:
foam to remove large airborne particles, activated charcoal - that absorbs odorous gases and a special filtrete from 3M designed specifically to remove pollens, mould spores, dust and cigarette smoke.

Vapourtek Aroma Diffuser

These small packets "breathe" out a non-toxic deodoriser vapour to control malodours fast. Independent tests confirm that this air purifier is capable of removing more than 99% of pollen and over 95% of atmospheric dust. Filters and replacement membrane kits are designed to be replaced every 90 days.

The Air Purifier will treat areas up to 1800 cubic feet (15' × 15' × 8').
Quiet, two speed operation and compact round design allows for use in any setting.
  Air Freshener Limemate
  Limemate Air Freshener
  Small 3.5fl.oz £4.99
  Large 7.0fl.oz £8.99






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