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The Multiflow is a Flood and Drain type Hydroponic growing system.

The operation is simple: the pots are flooded with nutrient solution from the bottom through the growing medium to a preset level and then drained off again.
This process evenly moistens all the root system in each pot. Flood and Drain is one of the simpliest and most reliable methods of hydroponic gardening.
As the nutrient solution rises up the pot during a flood cycle it pushes any gases made by the plants root system out of the growing medium, it washes any old or high strengh feed away, effectively making each feed a flush and also helps to reset the PH.
Finally as the nutrient drains away it drags in fresh air helping to provide oxygen to the root enviroment.

Multiflow V2 
The V2 Multiflow has two main advantages over the V1 system, the use of custom built microprocessor based irrigation controller. This allows you, the grower, to decide exactly how often and for how long to flood your system for, making it suitable for almost any growing medium to be used (flood cycles from six times per day to once per week, from one to forty-five minutes).
This is particularly useful when growing in a clay pebble and coco peat mix (highly recommended), as when you first plant out, the growing medium may hold to much moisture for a very small seedling or clone, so feeding every two or three days for the first  8-10 days will encourage the plant to produce a more vigorous and benificial root system, allowing for a faster uptake of nutrient.
Also the V2 utilises a muchy bigger bore of pipe work to allow the system to flood and drain approximatel 40% faster than the standard V1v Multiflow.
6 Pot Kit £565.00
12 Pot Kit  £610.00
24 Pot Kit £695.00
36 Pot Kit £830.00
48 Pot Kit £900.00

V2 Control Unit £400.00
V2 Timer £240.00
Multiflow accessories
Tee £1.10
Elbow £1.10
Grommet £1.10
Inner pot £4.60
Outer pot £4.60
Complete pot £9.00
24pot_multiflow 36potmultiflow 48potmultiflow
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