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Automatic and effective fire extinguisher

Mabo is an automatic firefighting product which extinguishes the fire when the solution reaches the temperature of 84°C. The glass ampoule automatically bursts to open state and the dispersed Mabo solution instantly extinguishes the fire.


Also, Mabo remains on the burning surface as a coating that will prevent reignition immediately.

Mabo fire killer is absolutely the most effective system for fire extinguishing.

Basic use - indoor only (closed spaces)

  • extinguishes fire instantaneously and completely
  • prevents reignition

While extinguishing a fire the follovving effects occur:

  • Quick and strong cooling effect
    When heated, Mabo solution produces gases by thermal decomposition. Strong cooling effect of the gases helps to extinguish the combustibles which have exceeded their ignition point.
  • Suffocation
    Non-flammable gas produced by thermal decomposition cuts off oxygen from the combustibles (replacement of air with water vapour generated in a large quantity and absorption of radiation heat).
  • Negative catalytic effect
    The gas produced under thermal decomposition has negative catalytic action and prevents combustion chain reaction.
  • Evaporation control
    Water membrane produced by the foam drainage quickly spreads over the surface and controls the evaporation of combustible gas which shows cooling and suffocation effects of the foam.
  • Fire retardant effect
    When heated, Mabo solution dissolves and forms a glass-like coating on the surface of combustibles which cuts off the oxygen. Mabo prevents the transmission of radiant heat, and also prevents the dehydration caused by Mabo high temperature production, while creating a fire retarding effect to prevent the reignition of the combustibles.
  • Highly economical product
    • without side effects after activation and extinguishing
    • no residue that can cause costly post-fire cleanup and downtime
    • simply to mount (on a wall or ceiling)
    • it does not require any technical knowledge
    • maintenance free – by eye control only
    • over 10 years of shelf life
    • fully replace sprinklers – overall installation cost is 1/14 compared to water sprinkles system
    • small size and light weight (88x307x61 mm /1,025g / 580ml)

MABO Fire Extinguisher


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