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GroStar Mini Reflector
The GroStar Mini Reflector is a revolution in lighting technology! Manufactured using a state of the art blend of aluminium, silver, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide known as MIRO material..

MIRO features a guaranteed minimum of 95% reflectivity and is made of a single sheet of material which also cuts down on light loss.

The angles of this reflector were designed by physicists in order to ensure that the light spread provided is completely even. This means that the GroStar Mini Reflector is the best option if you want even growth and great light penetration and no “pyramid” style effects on growth. This pyramid effect is where the plants on the edge of the light thrown by your reflector do not grow as quickly or tall as the ones near the stronger light in the middle. The GroStar Mini solves this by making sure every square centimetre of light has the exact same amount of lumens provided.

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