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The DimLux Duo Power 6040X, a completely newly-developed digital ballast, is suitable for use with 400 and 600 Watt lamps.


The highest output – light output – by virtue of the overdrive technology (lumen boost).
The broadest dimming range of all digital ballasts. Suitable for 400 and 600 Watt lamps, a choice is no longer necessary (which is particularly useful for beginners).Continuously-variable dimming (instead of in a few increments)


DimLux Duo 6040X £150.00
The DimLux is supplied as standard with a 3-year exchange warranty

The diagnostic LEDs indicate whether the ballast is switched on, in standby mode or has a malfunction. In addition to indicating a malfunction, the Dimlux also indicates the nature of the malfunction (for example, a poor contact).
The quietest system: no vibrating or humming (digital) ballast, and no humming and/or chattering relay on switching in and out.
Suitable for MH and HPS lamps. Fire-safe!!! The integral processor continually monitors the connection between the ballast and lamp – and switches the ballast off immediately in the event of a poor contact or short-circuit.

Conventional ballasts will then repeatedly switch in at 5000 Volts. This can cause a fire (voltages of this level can increase the temperature to levels at which even metals melt).

With conventional ballast a lower supply voltage results in a lower light output: for example, a supply voltage of 220 V instead of 230 V results in a 10% decrease in the light output. However, the DimLux automatically increases the supply voltage to 230 V – which ensures that you always have a stable, high light output.

The DimLux’ power consumption remains constant, in contrast to conventional ballasts, which suffer from an increasing power consumption and decreasing light output – resulting in an accelerated loss of efficiency: the power consumption can increase to a continuous level of 4 to 5 A for a 600 Watt lamp (the normal power consumption of a 1000 Watt lamp). The wiring is not usually designed for currents of this level generated by a number of ballasts. This can cause a fire hazard.

The DimLux can be used as a standard (digital) ballast in a standard system with a relay and time switch.

However, using the DimLux in combination with the OptiClimate Maxi Controller will do full justice to the DimLux’ maximum performance and many options.


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